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Pentagon Monitoring Systems


When burglars see the Pentagon Technology yard sign, they know the home is well protected and are likely to move on to an easier target. Burglars are opportunistic—they will target only the most vulnerable homes, and are unlikely to challenge an Pentagon Technology security system. So the Pentagon Technology yard sign and window sticker deliver a powerful message and strong deterrent.

arr24/7 Monitoring sys

Should a burglar choose to challenge an our security system, a loud siren alerts homeowners to danger. Recognizing time is limited, the intruder will need to flee or risk being caught. This leaves very little opportunity for theft

arrMonitoring Advantages mon

Pentagon Customer Monitoring Centers help protect the people and things you value most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are interconnected command centers strategically located throughout the United States

arr Rapid Response adm

When an alarm signal is received from your home or business, a Pentagon Technology professional can alert both you ,the police, fire department or emergency personnel right away. So, whether you’re there or away, you have protection


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